IsoQuantic Technologies (IQ Tech)

IsoQuantic Technologies

VP & Chief Technical Officer (co-founder)
1994 - 1998

Dr. Lucantoni founded IsoQuantic Technologies with Dr. Patrick Reilly in 1994. IQ Tech provides a family of wireless telecommunications and analytical products, plus a comprehensive range of engineering consulting services, including technology training. The company is positioned to support telecommunications network architecture, design, and analysis needs in the areas of modern telecommunications systems (e.g., cellular, satellite, GSM, PCS) to the public with dramatic cycle time reductions. A partial list of clients and projects includes:

Motorola Satellite Comm.

Chandler, AZ
Jun 1998 – Jul 1998

Began performance assessment of access schemes for data services for a next generation mobile satellite system.

A.T. Kearney

London, England
Jan 1998 – Mar 1998

Participated on a technical due diligence team assessing the performance of the satellite and ground systems for the ICO global mobile satellite system. Interviewed major subcontractors, e.g., NEC London, NEC Tokyo, NEC Melbourne, Hughes Space and Comsat. Assessed cost models used in the Satellite System Business Plan. Perform probabilistic assessment of launch failure scenarios.

Bell Comm. Research

Morristown, NJ
Sep 1997 – Dec 1997

Provided algorithms and custom software for approximating long-range dependent data traffic (e.g., IP or broadband) with a Markovian Arrival Process. Provided algorithms and custom software for computing appropriate performance measures to be used for engineering such a network

Lockheed Martin Telecommunications

Sunnyvale, CA
Sep 1996 – Aug 1997

General performance analysis for the Astrolink broadband satellite system. Assessed loss of efficiency of imposing various constraints on the Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) algorithms. Performed buffer sizing studies for aspects of the Astrolink system.

AT&T Laboratories

Holmdel, NJ
Sep 1996 – Apr 1997

Began assessment of Internet telephony as both a threat and an opportunity to AT&T long distance revenues. Prepared an internal management presentation on Choices in Packet Telephony.

AirNet Comm., Inc.

Melbourne, FL
Jun 1995 – Jun 1996

Provided continuing consulting services for performance analysis and architecture for a start-up wireless company building a PCS1900 Base Station Controller (BSC) and a Base Transceiver System (BTS) using smart-radio technology. Supervised in-house development of a system-level simulation.   Designed the dynamic resource allocation algorithm for a PCS1900 Base Station Subsystem (BSS). Presented the paper “Supporting ATM on Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Systems” at the ITC Specialists Seminar in Amsterdam.

Motorola, Inc.

Chandler, AZ
Sep 1994 – Jun 1995

General performance analysis for the IridiumT Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system. Consulting through GORCA in Moorestown, NJ, continued development of a crucial resource allocation algorithm operating in real time on-board the satellite vehicle. Created risk models to determine insurance strategies for coping with potentially unreliable launch vehicles in the initial deployment of the Iridium system. Recruited and established a Network Integrity Support Team to focus on performance aspects of the Iridium system.

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